Compositon : One OPP (MATELIZE) layer and one Tape layer are enfored foam crosslink

Width          : 1 m

Length        : 50m

Thickness    : 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30 - 50mm

Fire           : fire

Application  : Ensuring the stability of conditioner conduits.

  • VIP-VAT is a is elastic product consisting all properties: thermal insulation (with three modes: blocking heat, reflecting 97% radiant heat, convection heat), Noise insulation, strong, nice...
  • It is produced from polyethylene, which have closed cell structure (closed cell) with physical crosslinking and this product is enforced by thick one pure OPP (MATELIZE)  7micron and one Tape layer.
  • Dinemsion of closed cell is very small and this leads to excellent thermal insulation.
  • This special crosslinking process creates absolutely closed cell which have more outstanding thermal insulation properties in comparison with glass wool, air bubble, vulcanized rubber or other insulation.
  • Produced on the advanced technology of Korea
  • Export worldwide



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